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Knowledge is power! Here at This is Vegan, we love the access to and ease of watching documentaries online. They are wildly educational and keep us informed, motivated, and up-to-date on how we can play an active role in keeping our planet and bodies healthy. We are starting this series “Netflix and Think” as a way to spark great conversations. Join in by watching these recommended documentaries. 

We have spent a lot of timing watching to find the best of the best vegan documentaries for you. Here is part one: ten vegan docu recommendations. Cozy up with your favorite vegan snacks (we’ve got a great selection) and Netflix and Think with us! 

Would you like to learn more about veganism, animal welfare, climate and species protection, sustainable practices, and environmentally friendly ways to live? Watching our recommended documentaries allows you to spend your time meaningfully! Netflix and Think to enhance your knowledge. 

We have summarized our first round of top vegan doc picks, together with their trailers. Take a look to find your next documentary!  After watching, join the conversation in the comment section. We want to hear your thoughts! Let’s go – Netflix and think

The Game Changers - athletes and vegan diets

Top athletes, special operations soldiers, and scientists show us that humans do not need animal protein to hit at peak performance.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton, Patrik Baboumian and many other vegan athletes show how you can achieve optimal health and top performance in sports with a vegan diet. These famous, professional superstars report becoming even more powerful after adopting vegan lifestyles. 

“The Game Changers” by James Cameron is not only the best-selling documentary film ever on iTunes, it also challenges people to look into vegan nutrition. All without proselytizing. 

All athletes and those who really prioritize pushing their bodies to the limit, should watch this incredible doc!

What The Health - the effects of animal products on our health

This documentary shows how animal products negatively effect our health. Anyone interested in the nutrition aspect of veganism can learn so much about its positive influence against diseases such as cancer or diabetes.  

The makers of the award-winning documentary “Cowspiracy” confront representatives of food companies, health organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry with uncomfortable facts and questions. Why do corporations seem to want to systematically make us ill and why is nobody doing anything about it

The film shows the downsides of some corporations and lets us completely rethink our diet. This film is a powerful step towards going vegan! 

Video: WebsiteAmazon Prime
Trailer: YouTube

Seaspiracy - the global impact of fishing

Popular for a reason! In the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, the impact of industrial fishing in terms of the destruction of marine ecosystems is made clear. International environmental organizations are accused of deliberately ignoring this problem. The documentary repeatedly advocates strictly avoiding fish consumption in order to protect the marine ecosystem

What was intended as a homage to the world’s oceans became a spectacular disclosure story. Filmmaker Ali Tabrizi traveled halfway across the world for his documentary “Seaspiracy”, to speak to those responsible. Tabrizi repeatedly put himself in danger to uncover the destruction of the oceans and examine the fishing industry’s tremendous impact on our oceans and climate. 

This documentary was produced by Kip Anderson, who previously shot another successful documentary about vegan nutrition, Cowspiracy. It’s more exciting than any thriller, so watch this one right away! 

Video: WebsiteNetflix
Trailer: YouTube

Milked - White Lies in Dairy Land

The documentary Milked follows a young activist as he ventures deep into the land of milk. James Cameron takes on the giants of New Zealand’s most powerful industry and uncovers how the sacred cash cow industry was milked dry. His journey uncovers not only the sustainability crisis and the dangerous denial of imminent agricultural disruption, but also what New Zealand and other countries can do to change their futures. 

MILKED is the film that dairy industry does NOT want you to see!

The folks behind the film are an incredible group. It was directed and produced by Amy Taylor and co-produced by Chris Huriwai. The executive producers were Keegan Kuhn (Cowspiracy, What the Health), Suzy Amis Cameron (The Game Changers), Peter Eastwood (Diet Fiction, Takeout), Moby (Meat the Future), Jaine & Sailesh Rao (Cowspiracy, What the Health) and Jerome Boudot.

James Cameron says, “A powerful wake-up-call that the world is getting milked!”

Video: Website | YouTube
Trailer: YouTube

Okja - heartwarming tale of a girl and mutant pig

Okja is one of many fictitious pigs genetically engineered in a laboratory as a solution for the meat industry to prevent hunger. He is dubbed the “super pig” winner and taken from Mija and her grandfather, who raised him on their farm over the last ten years.

This film is set apart from our list because it is a satire on corporate greed. It’s a sci-fi film that follows the story of a smuggled pig and a young girl’s rescue mission to save it from the slaughterhouse. As you watch, you will encounter themes of environment, capitalism and animal rights. 

Okja, the docu, takes a close look at global factory farming and what determination can do about it. 

Video:  Netflix
Trailer: YouTube

My Octopus Teacher - the friendship between humans and animals

Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher shows the friendship between the cameraman, Craig Foster, and an octopus off the coast of South Africa. Foster started diving and met the octopus, forming what can only be described as a true friendship. He visited this sea creature in the kelp forest every day, fostering an incredible bond; one that taught Foster a lot. 

This extraordinary film lets us learn a lot about these intelligent creatures. It’s an emotional documentary about healing and belonging that can be enjoyed by the whole family! (Parental discretion advised)

Video: Netflix
Trailer: YouTube

Running For Good - The Fiona Oakes Documentary

From Executive Producer James Cromwell and award winning director Keegan Kuhn comes the sports documentary Running for Good, which follows World-record marathoner Fiona Oakes on “the world’s toughest running course,” the Marathon Des Sables, a 250 km run across the Sahara Desert. She runs to draw attention to animal exploitation, eats vegan, and explains her motivations in the documentary.

Fiona has an incredibly inspiring personality with a big heart. This is the perfect documentary for all athletes who want to learn more about the mindset of this exceptional athlete.

Video: Amazon Prime
Trailer: YouTube

Dominion - the brutal truth about animal agriculture

Dominion is the sequel to Lucent. The documentary comprehensively explores how animals are abused and tortured for scientific research, entertainment, clothing and food. Filmed in extensive HD, via hidden cameras, drones, and close up shots of the brutal reality happening in slaughterhouses, dairy farms and behind closed doors. 

We would like to provide a huge warning and the disclaimer that this documentary exposes the truth and hides nothing as it does so.  There are explicit scenes of violence. Dominion’s production team recognizes this and has provided guidance for self care on their website, linked below. Please think twice before watching, but if you do, you’re in for high information content and interesting insights. 

Video: Website 
Trailer: YouTube
For after viewing: Dominion’s Selfcare Guidance

Blackfish - the harsh reality of the pools at Sea World

Blackfish” unveils that dark secrets of the marine mammal entertainment industry. Former trainers and carers share their heartbreaking and dangerous experiences working with the animals, and viewers are educated on the natural history of wild orcas. 

This documentary specifically follows the story of Tilikum, an orca forced into performance captivity at SeaWorld. It is through this story that the lies of SeaWorld are exposed and the problems of keeping, breeding and training in aquariums are brought to light. It also explores the relationship between humans, nature and oceans. 

This documentary is honest and direct. Captive mammals, mostly orcas, are subject to a miserable existence in the tanks of SeaWorld and similar theme parks. Blackfish makes this message clear: Anyone who visits marine zoos and aquariums actively supports them. 

Blackfish is a heavy documentary that provides perspective and educates the viewers. It also prompted many actions towards ending this entertainment industry in Europe and the USA. This is Vegan highly recommends watching this now notorious film. Afterwards, follow it up with another great docu – “The Free Willy Story: Keiko’s Journey Home”. 

Video: Website | Amazon 
Trailer: YouTube

Long Gone Wild - Blackfish 2: 6 Years Later

Long Gone Wild, more commonly known as “Blackfish 2,” is a follow up to the powerful first documentary that exposed SeaWorld and the marine mammal entertainment industry. 

Blackfish incited real change In Europe and the USA. At the same time, the continent of Asia began to see an explosion of marine theme park industry. This documentary makes a case against orca captivity and follows a covert mission to find nine orcas held captive in a secret Chinese location.

Long Gone Wild explores the beginning of orca capture and confinement, from Namu to Shamu, and the evolution and subsequent failures of SeaWorld. It is educational, eye-opening and a must watch

Video: Website | Amazon Prime
Trailer: YouTube

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