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You would like to eat vegan, but don’t know how to start yet?

Vegan nutrition is a big topic that still scares off some. But with the right techniques, the transition can be very simple – and completely without abandonment.

Therefore, we have summarized for you our top 10 tips for the first steps into vegan life. Try it – you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

1. start with a monthly challenge

Start your introduction to a vegan diet on a trial basis for 4 weeks as a challenge. It’s a manageable amount of time and takes the pressure off you and you can try your hand.

2. inform yourself about vegan nutrition and necessary supplementation

It is incredibly helpful to inform yourself in advance by means of books, podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs and online magazines and to take away your own shyness about the big topic “veganism”. It is also important that you supplement vitamin B12 and make sure you eat a balanced and varied vegan diet to provide you with all the vital nutrients.

3. veganize your favorite recipes

So you don’t feel like you have to give up anything, write down your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and try “veganizing” them. In the beginning, try simple variations with few ingredients. Make sure you cook a little more than you would with traditional dishes. You can often eat more of vegan meals because they are lower in calories on average.

You can find recipes and inspiration here .

4. plan extra time for the next purchase

When shopping, you will need a little more time at the beginning. Of course, there are many products where you know or see at first glance that they are vegan. A “vegan logo” on packaging makes your choice much easier. However, with most products, it is the case that you should take a thorough look at the ingredient list. Because animal products are hidden in many products. Over time, though, you’ll know them by heart and you’ll shop just as fast as you did before.

5. be prepared

Since you can’t always get good, vegan food quickly everywhere, unless you’re going to settle for fries and side salads, you’ll want to be prepared. Always have some tasty, varied vegan snacks with you or prepare a great lunch at home that you can then enjoy wherever you are.

Our tip when things have to go fast: Drink meals from e.g. Mana drink food

6. avoid difficult situations

First, go through your schedule for the next four weeks; are there birthday parties, weddings, or family events? If so – you should inquire where is celebrated. If an event takes place in a restaurant, find out via the homepage or by calling if there is a vegan alternative for you or if – if not – something can be prepared especially for you. If the party is at someone’s home, ask the host if you can contribute something vegan to the buffet or meal. This way you can avoid possible stressful situations in advance, enjoy the festivities and even get others excited about vegan nutrition by adding your food creations.

7. create a vegan support system for yourself

Everything is more fun when you share it, and it’s the same with your vegan lifestyle experiences. Maybe you can inspire a good friend to join you in the vegan monthly challenge. Or maybe there’s a Facebook group in your city that you can use to meet other vegans in your area. This way you can share your experiences, ask questions and participate in common events.

8. make a "vegan experience park" out of your place of residence

Research vegan restaurants and cafes in your area. Then, on your next date, you can try something new with your friends. Maybe there is a vegan food festival in your city or you can visit an interesting fair. Get inspired by events on veganism. Ask your favorite coffee shop if they ever include soy or oat milk on the menu, and encourage friends to ask about it, too. The more requests that come here, the greater the chances that there will be more vegan products in your city as well.

9. be active and enjoy your new vegan body feeling

You will experience on your own body how much more energy a vegan diet provides. Use this energy and be active. Exercise, but also take time specifically with the help of yoga and meditation to feel your body and capture your body awareness.

10. draw a conclusion to your Vegan Challenge

After four weeks, take time to ask yourself the following question:
How do I feel mentally and physically?

Take notes and think about how good this time has been for you.
If you find that it’s done you good: Why not just keep going?

Let’s go!

Our tip for the start: www.veganstart.de

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Hi, I'm Yannick. I'm from the Black Forest in Germany and I founded This Is Vegan in 2019. I've been vegetarian since I was 6 years old and vegan for well over 10 years. It has always been important to me to inspire people to see how easy and delicious vegan nutrition can be without being proselytizing. I’ve created this online magazine and the podcast "Plantbased." to inspire as many people as possible. Thank you for being here!
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