Is maltodextrin vegan? All about effect & origin

Maltodextrin – this carbohydrate, which is obtained from starch, is currently on everyone’s lips. Especially in sports, maltodextrin provides you with an extra portion of power when your energy slowly decreases. But is maltodextrin actually…
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vegan butter

Butter is a classic animal product. It is made from cow’s milk and is therefore not vegan. But in the meantime, fortunately, there is vegan butter. This is perfect for baking, spreading and frying and…
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Fish alternative

Meat alternatives: The big price question

Plant-based meat alternatives are delicious, but often more expensive than the original animal. But the more people switch to veggie burgers & Co., the cheaper it gets – and the sooner we can get out…
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Vegan wine – Why not all wine is vegan

Summary: Is wine vegan? Wine in many cases is actually not vegan. This is due to the fact that animal means are used during the manufacturing process. To clarify a wine, winemakers use, for example,…
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