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Nothing sold out in health food stores at the beginning of the Corona pandemic as quickly as the miracle tuber ginger. The yellowish-gray tuber with the great healing properties had suddenly become one of the most sought-after objects for effective defense against infections. But does the root live up to its promise and what is the effect of ginger all about?

Wow, that’s hot. Meant perhaps the pumpkin soup, which got the certain kick with grated ginger. Or the hot tea in which thin slices of ginger float and give off the fiery lemony aroma. In Asia and India, this spiciness has been known and wanted for thousands of years. Even more – there it is the most appreciated medicinal plant of all. Where did you encounter the root or when did the effect of ginger really convince you? Here’s a bit of history and more. Because that’s what this tuber deserves!

Origin of ginger

The healing properties of ginger played a major role in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine and spread to Europe in late antiquity. Confucius is said to have prescribed ginger for motion sickness. Coming from southern China, the plant passed through Greece to Italy and finally – through the Romans – across the Alps. As a spice, it is still indispensable in Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Also in monastic medicine ginger is one of the most frequently mentioned medicinal plants. Here it is mainly used for digestion, purification of mucous juices, cough and other diseases of the respiratory tract, as well as for liver disorders, eye opacity and sore throat. But the effect of ginger is also antibacterial and is said to have an inhibitory effect on the reproduction of viruses. The tuber boosts the metabolism and makes quite wonderful warm!

What is the basis of the healing effect of ginger?

On what this yellow-white tuber contains. These are vitamins such as vitamin C and trace elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. In addition, the gingerol, which gives the ginger the pungency.

Is the effect of ginger lost by peeling?

Yes! The very special healing substances of ginger are in the peel, so it is better to use the ginger root with the peel. To feel safer doing this, you can gently brush ginger with a vegetable brush and rinse with clean water.

Does ginger also help with colds?

You have a cold, you are cold and even have chills? Then you may trust the warming effect of Gingerol and Shoagol, which are found in the ginger root. Crush the ginger root, thinly slice or coarsely grate and add about a teaspoon to a large cup or small teapot. Then pour boiling water over it. To increase the effect you can steep the ginger in boiling water for a few minutes. Feel free to add some honey to sweeten it up. The hot ginger drink will quickly warm you from the inside. In addition, the effect of ginger is expectorant and improves circulation.

Ginger works for travel sickness

In case of nausea, it is recommended to take one gram of freshly cleaned ginger with some liquid. However, the daily dose should not exceed four grams of ginger. For travel, it is recommended to take ginger as a tincture. Dissolve 20 drops of ginger tincture in a glass of lukewarm water and drink 30 minutes before meals or before traveling.

When should you give up ginger?

Ginger is a very stimulating spice. If you are prone to heartburn, ginger can exacerbate this. Pregnant women and children are not recommended to use the tuber, and in case of fever over 38 degrees, it can, since it stimulates the circulation, additionally burden it It is recommended not to take more than 40 grams of ginger a day. Especially people who take medication for blood thinning should note that ginger enhances this effect.

We can be happy that nature has so many healthy things in store for us. Ginger plays a very special role here and belongs to many people not only to the “natural medicine cabinet”, but to the daily healthy enrichment. That again and again new ideas appear, which of an optimal effect of ginger with small in addition, large health problems, one may regard calmly somewhat with skepticism and inform oneself simply well.

Infused Water & Cold Ginger Tea

Especially in summer, the tuber can also have a cooling effect, which you can combine with pleasure.

Simply boil your favorite tea , let cool, dress with ginger and fruit, refrigerate and enjoy as a refreshing summer cocktail. Also particularly tasty: Infused Water – simply take water with a ginger tuber and lemon slices to work, sports or hiking. Our tip for the cold season on top: Organic oregano oil

Sources:, “Handbuch der Klosterheilkunde”, Zabert Sandmann Verlag
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