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Cheese vegan? - Yes, it is possible thanks to vegan alternatives!

“I can do without meat, but cheese – no – I couldn’t!”
This is a phrase that vegans hear almost every day. Good news: Vegan cheese alternatives are no longer a rarity. Supermarket shelves and refrigerated counters are full of vegan alternatives to cheese. However, since not all cheese is the same – neither the animal nor the vegan – we present you in this article presents our favorite varieties. The basic ingredients of these alternatives are mostly Water, vegetable oils and starch for binding. In addition, some also contain nuts or Soy. In this article, we’ll show you how to get your new favorite vegan cheese alternative. Plus, learn how to make your own vegan parmesan with just four ingredients.

1. vegan slice cheese - The alternative for burgers & Co

The vegan range of vegan slice cheese can almost compete with the animal Pendant keep up – mild, spicy, with herbs, smoked, cheddar style, Gouda style. We could continue this list endlessly. So you no longer have the agony of choice, we have tried for you through and reveal our absolute vegan cheese favorites!

The selection of vegan cheese extends meanwhile far over bread topping . Also to the Überbacken or to melt on Burgerpatties are suitable most of these vegan alternatives. Particularly tender melt the burger slices of Simply V, because they stick easily to the burger, without melting completely too fast directly.
For those who like vegan sandwiches like we do, we recommend the Gouda flavor slices from Violife. Tastes extremely authentic and has on top an extra portion of B12 with in it!

Our recommendation:

Violife slices with gouda flavor

  • Authentic Gouda taste
  • Free from preservatives
  • Enriched with vitamin B12
  • Melting excellent

Simply V - Spicy gourmet slices

  • Taste like a matured Gouda
  • without soy, palm oil, gluten and lactose
  • Melted but also cold an absolute pleasure

Bedda - fenugreek slices

  • Without flavor enhancer
  • With B12 and calcium
  • Gluten free
  • Without soy
  • Without palm oil

2. vegan sprinkle cheese - the icing on your vegan pizza

For topping your pizza, lasagna or your casserole , vegan sprinkle cheese alternativesare suitable. These behave similarly to the animal original – they melt perfectly and have a soft gooey consistency. Vegan sprinkle cheese pulls strings, reminiscent of “real” cheese.
However, there are differences here from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of taste, consistency, authenticity and melting behavior. Many discount products in particular are at the bottom of the list in terms of melting behavior, consistency and taste. We have tried and tested for you and can highly recommend these alternatives that we have tried.

Our recommendation:

Simply V rubbing pleasure

  • Guaranteed to melt (in a normal oven at 180°C)
  • Draws authentic threads
  • Vegan Certified
  • With almond protein
  • Gluten free

Bedda Vegarella

  • Melts quickly
  • Authentic mozzarella taste
  • Without flavor enhancer
  • Without preservatives
  • Gluten free

Violife Mozarella flavor

  • Authentic mozzarella taste
  • Free from preservatives
  • With vitamin B12
  • Melts best
  • Soy-free

3. vegan block cheese - Perfect with a glass of wine

You don’t want to miss out on the cheese with a glass of wine – no problem! Also vegan cheese alternatives in one piece can be bought in the block and are perfect for a vegan cheese plate or with party pickers and grapes for your next party. 
Particularly delicious: The Cheddar Block from Wilmersburger or the Violife Cheddar Block – you’ll have something from both for a long time and each intense flavor nuances. Especially with the version of Wilmersburger we have regularly received feedback from cheese lovers that this vegan alternative tastes very similar to the original.

PS: You can find out if wine is vegan here . 

Our recommendation:

Wilmersburger Block Chedda Style

  • With coconut oil
  • GMO-free
  • Taste one of the most authentic cheese alternatives on the market

Violife Block - Cheddar flavor

  • Without preservatives
  • Suitable for hot and cold food
  • Scmilts perfectly
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten free

4. cream cheese - these vegan alternatives go on bread

You like the typical taste of cream cheese and the creamy consistency? No problem! There are already Loads of creamy vegan cream cheese alternatives. These are not suitable only for the base of your jam bread for breakfast, but also round off sauces, tarte flambée or lasagna . Herb and bell pepper cream cheese alternatives are available, for example, from Simply V. Our absolute favorite in terms of taste and composition (almond-based). But we can also recommend the fresh cream herbs from Alnatura, because it is particularly piquant and also in organic quality.
Luve scores vegan cream cheese alternative with lupine-based herbs with particularly high protein content. The Swiss organic manufactory Soyanada has some vegan organic cream cheese alternatives in its range. Our favorite: the fermented herb-garlic cream cheese alternative

Our recommendation:

Soyanada - herbs garlic

  • Organic cream cheese alternative
  • Fermented
  • Rich in Omega 3
  • Especially spicy

Simply V Spreadable Delight Creamy Mild

  • Vegan cream cheese alternative
  • Almond based
  • Suitable for making delicious cakes and desserts

Luve spread happiness herbs

  • With fresh herbs
  • Lupine based
  • Especially creamy
  • High protein content

5. tomato mozzarella salad vegan? Vegan mozzarella makes it possible!

The special consistency of Mozzarella is also available in the vegan version. For example, here is the Frescolat Bio MozzaRisella. With this you can create in no time a vegan tomato mozzarella salad or prepare a sandwich with the vegan alternative to mozzarella. Also baked or as a filling extremely tasty!

Our recommendation:

Frescolat Organic MozzaRisella

  • Organic mozarella alternative
  • Gluten free
  • Soy-free
  • Authentic taste

Violife Mozarella flavor

  • Vegan mozarella alternative
  • Lactose free
  • Soy-free
  • Melts perfectly

6. vegan feta - the alternative to the Greek brine cheese

Long have we looked for it – but there it is: Vegan Feta. If you love the classic Greek feta cheese flavor, which is similar to the original made from goat’s or sheep’s milk, you should definitely try the Shepherd’s feta alternative from Bedda .

As a topping on the salad or to oven vegetables, the vegan feta alternative should never be missing. The alternatives are mostly coconut oil based and brined for that typical salty, light sour taste . But not only the taste convinces, but
the creamy, slightly crumbly consistency also agrees.

Our tip: Violife Greek White or the Shepherd of Bedda

Our recommendation:

Violife Greek White

  • creamy consistency
  • With vitamin B12
  • Gluten free
  • Authentic taste

Bedda shepherd in brine

  • Greek style vegan cheese alternative
  • Without flavor enhancer
  • On the basis of coconut oil
  • For salad, for gratinating & more

7. vegan parmesan - the perfect pasta topping

What should not be missing from a typical Italian pasta? Natural Parmesan or Grana Padano. Pasta without Parmesan – does not have to be even as a vegan!

This is available either in one piece or already grated. Our recommendation: Violife PROSOCIANO or the ParVesan of Happy Cheeze | Also the drugstore chain DM has meanwhile likewise a very tasty alternative from Cashews and almonds.

If you want to show off at your next party, we recommend the Gran Prosociano – this is a vegan hard cheese alternative to Parmesan and can be grated perfectly over pizza, pasta and co and melts easily. Vegan Foodporn is guaranteed with it!

From Vantastic Foods there is also a spicy soy-based pasta topping: As a sprinkle cheese alternative Vantastic Grattugiato fits perfectly to refine vegan pasta dishes.

Our recommendation:

Violife Gran Prosociano

  • Vegan grated cheese alternative
  • With coconut oil & Vitamin B12
  • Ideal for pasta & salads
  • Soy- & gluten free

Vantastic Grattugiato

  • Soy based pasta topping
  • Vegan sprinkle cheese alternative
  • Ideal for pasta dishes
  • In the practical sprinkle can

Make vegan parmesan yourself?

Parmesan vegan make yourself is very simple! Get the following ingredients and grind them in a blender:

  • 85 g cashews
  • 15 g yeast flakes (approx. 2 heaped tbsp.)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/6 tsp garlic powder

Put everything in a stand mixer , mix (not too long, otherwise it will get a broad-like consistency) and ready is your vegan parmesan.

By the way, yeast flakes are a must-have in a vegan household. Not only do they add flavor and a cheesy texture, but they are also rich in B vitamins (if not heated). As Parmesan replacement on noodles, as secret ingredient for “Vegan Mac and Cheese” or simply as Topping on the salad yeast flakes are always a Top choice in the vegan kitchen.

8. vegan camembert - french white cheese is also possible vegan

Camembert lovers do not have to do without either! Dr. Mannah’s has produced “Daily Vegan” as a delicious, vegan alternative to Camembert. The special: the base is fermented cauliflower. Sounds fancy and tastes incredibly delicious and authentic.

Also Cashew Camembert vegan is ever more in the coming. From Dr. Mannah’s there is here among other things “The Matured” on the basis of cashews.

You want to make vegan camembert yourself? At Peta there is a top recipe to it.

Our recommendation:

Dr. Mannah's - Daily Vegan

  • Vegan alternative to camembert
  • With vegan noble mold cultures
  • On the basis of fermented cauliflower
  • Vegetable ingredients from organic farming

Dr. Mannah's - Vegan Passion

  • Fermented vegan cheese alternative
  • Made with cashews
  • Ingredients from organic cultivation
  • With vegan fermentation cultures

Also possible: Make your own Vegan Cashew Camembert. The vegan mold cashews cheese set makes it possible. Order here

9. vegan fondue cheese - Perfect for vegan raclette

You sit on New Year’s Eve in a ski lodge and around you it smells like cheese and you can not eat with? These times are fortunately long gone: Vegan fondue cheese is not only super easy to make yourself, but also as a ready vegan fondue cheese to buy.

When it’s cold and uncomfortable outside, there’s nothing better than gathering around a fondue bowl with friends or family. Whether at New Year’s Eve or in convivial company at Christmas. Vegan cheese fondue is the perfect occasion to experience food together and introduce his friends to vegan food and the variety of alternatives .

Our favorite: “Melt Me” by Sojana

Our recommendation:

Melt Me - Organic

  • Vegan alternative to cheese sauce
  • On the basis of almond drink
  • In organic quality
  • Ideal for vegan fondue

10. vegan raclette cheese

A good vegan raclette cheese should melt and also have a cheesy, authentic, spicy flavor . Most people buy their cheese at the supermarket because they think that’s where the best products are. But this is not always true. It also often happens that you can find better vegan cheese in well-stocked online stores because they have more choice.

We tried a few varieties and have two clear favorites for raclette that scored high in melting behavior and taste. Our personal favorites findest are the Melt Me, which melts particularly beautifully, Spicy Simply V slices or the Violife Gouda flavor.

Simply V - Spicy gourmet slices

  • Taste like a matured Gouda
  • without soy, palm oil, gluten and lactose
  • Melted but also cold an absolute pleasure

Melt Me

  • Authentic Gouda taste
  • Free from preservatives
  • Enriched with vitamin B12
  • Melting excellent

Violife slices with gouda flavor

  • Authentic Gouda taste
  • Free from preservatives
  • Enriched with vitamin B12
  • Melting excellent

And what about organic cheese?

Many turn to organic products because of the conditions in factory farming – we should
us here, however, always ask ourselves whether this mother’s milk – whether organic or conventional – the mother’s milk for the cheese is not intended for humans.

Is cheese vegetarian?

Yep. Since rennet is found in many types of cheese, it is not. In order to use the animal rennet for cheese production, it must first be extracted from the calves’ stomachs. For this purpose, the stomachs are minced and the enzymes are extracted from the mucosa by chemical processes, after which the rennet is purified and preserved. Often slaughterhouse waste is used for this purpose.

Which cheese contains rennet?

Animal rennet is added to about 10 percent of the cheese produced in Germany. Around 35 percent of the world’s production is made with it. Grana Padano or Parmesan cheese is by definition made with animal rennet. Some other cheeses also almost always contain animal rennet, such as Gorgonzola, Gruyère or Feta. Remember the rule of thumb here: the longer a cheese has to age, the more likely it is to contain animal rennet.

Our recommendation:

Uses the vegan offers and tries the various product range, which gives it meanwhile durchzuprobieren. You will be surprised how many delicious vegan cheeses you can now find even in the discounters .

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Disclaimer: Da gerade in der Diksussion steht, das man veganen Käse mit nicht-veganem Käse verwechseln könnte, möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass es sich hier im Artikel beschrieben nur um vegane Alternativen zu Käse handelt.

Fotos: Unsplash / Simply V / Happy Cashew / Shutterstock / Rimma Bondarenko

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