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Munich-based start-up GREENFORCE has made it its mission to help drive the biggest food revolution in industrial human history. Currently, they are well on their way. Not only the former strongest man of Germany – Patrik Baboumian is enthusiastic – also Wiesn landlord Michael Käfer would like to take the meat alternatives with on its menu with the Octoberfest.

The secret of GREENFORCE: Plant-based food products for self-mixing – completely without unnecessary additives! In just a few steps, powder becomes, for example, a meatball, a cutlet or a juicy vegan burger.

In an interview with This Is Vegan, GREENFORCE founder Thomas Isermann reveals why he founded the startup, why the switch to plant-based proteins makes sense, and what the future holds.

How do you get your meat alternatives consumed in the middle of society?

Thomas Isermann: The trend is clearly going in the direction of veganism and sustainability – also at the Wiesn. Our products have high quality and really good taste. We do not see ourselves as a “substitute” but as an “alternative” that tastes very good, is better for people, the environment and animals.

We think classics new and in vegan. For example, our meatballs – or affectionately called “Pflanzerl” – are already served in beer gardens and other traditional restaurants. The demand is definitely there.

"The trend is clearly toward veganism and sustainability - even at the Wiesn."

What makes your products so special?

Thomas Isermann: GREENFORCE is set to become the biggest food revolution in industrial human history. This is about the whole plant-based food movement. Our contribution is a completely new food category: “Easy To Mix”. Powder becomes vegetable meat for self-mixing. Our products are completely free of cold chains, which makes us more sustainable than other products and brands. Our Easy To Mixes have a long MHD and can be purchased in stock. In addition, we have already received two awards this year: Green Product Award & PETA Vegan Food Award.

That's what you'll find in the Greenforce blends:

What was your personal intention behind the foundation?

Thomas Isermann: Ihave a daughter who is growing up in a difficult time. At the moment there is a turnaround, climate change can no longer be hidden. I wanted to make a change and take the reins into my own hands. People can no longer get their protein supply from animal proteins. We have to do something.

We also wanted to develop products that would be accepted and celebrated by animal meat lovers. GREENFORCE products are not meant to be a sacrifice, they are meant to taste really good and be fun. I think we have managed to do that.

"People's protein supply can no longer come from animal proteins. We have to do something."

Since this year you are completely climate neutral. What do you do for that?

Thomas Isermann: That is correct. We are very proud to be completely climate neutral. We offset both the CO2 emissions of our company and our products . Climate neutral means that the carbon footprint of the company and its products is calculated and offset by investing in climate protection projects.

We decided to support the regional project “Planting Trees in Germany” at the start. We want to protect our natural habitats such as native forests and the Alps. Gradually, we will expand the investment and invest in more projects.

How do your products manage to be consistently positive on the Nutri-Score as well?

Thomas Isermann: First of all, a brief explanation of what the Nutri-Score means: the letter A (green) indicates a nutritionally favorable composition of the nutritional values and the letter E (red) a poor one. The calculation is made in such a way that per 100 grams of the product the content of preferable nutrients and food (fiber, protein, fruit, vegetables) and nutrients to be limited (energy, saturated fatty acids, sugar, salt) are counterbalanced.

Our products are pea based and we pay a lot of attention to the nutritional composition. So the Easy To Mixes are high in protein and fiber. For example, the Easy To Mix meatball has 40g of protein and 14g of fiber per 100g of dry mix.

In addition, we completely avoid flavor enhancers and preservatives.

The vegan food pyramid

The former "strongest man in Germany" Patrik Baboumian regularly promotes you. Why do so many athletes rely on your burger patties and the like?

Thomas Isermann: We spent a long time researching the perfect process for protein extraction and the perfect recipe. It took a whole 8 years. Now we have been on the market for just over a year, not only our Easy To Mixes – we also offer protein drinks. Our products have a very good amino acid profile – very important for athletes. The list of ingredients incl. high protein content convinces athletes worldwide.

GREENFORCE Recipe: Asian Protein Bowl

How are you seeing the food industry shift towards more vegan and sustainable products?

Thomas Isermann: We will not be able to feed the next 2.3 billion people with the proteins from fish and meat. Moreover, we are destroying the planet and ourselves as humans. This is a mathematical formula, not an ideology. There is no plan B. Except switching to less to no meat, living more sustainably and consuming less.

"We won't be able to feed the next 2.3 billion people with the proteins from fish and meat. This is a mathematical formula, not an ideology. There is no plan B."

How do you integrate the topic of veganism and sustainability into your personal everyday life?

Thomas Isermann: I started GREENFORCE because I love eating meat myself, but know it’s not good for me or the environment. So far, however, I have not found any substitute products that have convinced me. That’s why I wanted to do something unique that I myself am completely convinced of, as well as my team.

Since GREENFORCE, I eat meat no more than once a week. I also try to completely avoid fish from facts .

Scientists are currently already far in the development of Cultured Meat. Is it also conceivable to adapt your range in this direction at some point?

Thomas Isermann: All plant-based food solutions initially have a raison d’être. There is also a large market for Cultured Meat. Personally, I do not want to consume burgers & Co made from cultured animal cells. So as long as I’m making management decisions as a founder, we remain 100% plant-based.

What's your favorite of yours and what's your insider tip for preparing it?

Thomas Isermann: Always the next product is my favorite. We have a world-class team of food specialists who research tirelessly and whose hard work has brought us to where we are today. After all, we have already launched over 11 products on the market – and are continuously expanding.

Currently, our delicious crumbs for the Easy To Mix Schnitzel are back. They were able to enjoy a new recipe – and are now available again. So I would say this is currently my favorite product – along with schnitzel, of course 🙂

What products and innovations can we look forward to from you in the future? Where should the journey go next year?

Thomas Isermann: Of course, we don’t want to reveal too much. Over 30 products are currently in development. We will develop a complete product line from breakfast to dinner. So stay tuned – it remains exciting! 🙂

Where can I get Greenforce?

Thomas Isermann: The easiest way to get us is currently at greenforce.com in our online store. But we don’t stop at retail or top gastronomy either. We can be found more and more in selected supermarkets, such as Edeka Südwest. We can also already be found in some restaurants . We are particularly proud of our nationwide availability in Ibiza & Formentera (26 restaurants offer GREENFORCE there).

What would you like to get off your chest at the end?

Thomas Isermann: I would like to thank our team and CO-CEO Hannes Benjamin Schmitz for their passion, team spirit and willingness to go beyond the performance limits. We are just building something for the next generation – that motivates us all to the maximum.

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