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Vegan diet is expensive! Or maybe not?

The prejudice that vegan nutrition is expensive and inconvenient prevents many from changing their diet. Vegan meat substitutes and milk alternatives in particular are often seen as expensive. But is this idea really true or is it just a myth? Here you will learn why this statement is not true and why vegan nutrition can even be cheaper than an omnivorous diet.

Is vegan nutrition really more expensive?

To anticipate the answer: No, vegan nutrition is not expensive per se. Quite the opposite! A diet without animal products can even be significantly cheaper than other diets. Indeed, the main ingredients of vegan diets, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, mushrooms and herbs, usually cost less than meat products.

In particular, those who make sure that the meat and dairy products they consume do not come from factory farming, but were produced under ecologically acceptable conditions, often pay proud prices when buying animal products. Many vegan ingredients, on the other hand, are available inexpensively, especially if you prefer to buy seasonal fruits or vegetables.

Legumes such as beans, lentils or chickpeas come in quite a few varieties, most of which are very inexpensive. Dried pulses and cereals in particular are extremely productive and keep fresh for a long time, so you can live on one pack for several days and weeks.

Cheap vegan products from discount store

Even some discounters now offer a variety of vegan alternatives. So cheap vegan products from Aldi Süd make it even easier for you to eat a vegan diet. The special thing about these products is that they not only have good prices, but also taste really good. Especially in the beginning, it is often a good idea to resort to meat substitutes that resemble familiar meat-based foods to make the transition to a vegan diet easier. By using inexpensive vegan products, you can test out which dishes you like and which substitute products are out of the question for you. This is how you can succeed in eliminating animal foods from your diet step by step

Discover vegan recipes and make your favorite dishes vegan

Vegan nutrition does not have to be one-sided, because vegans eat by far not only boring salads or nuts. Most of your favorite dishes can probably be converted to a vegan version. There are also plenty of delicious recipes to discover in the world of veganism. It’s especially handy when you know immediately where to get the ingredients for a new vegan recipe. Here, too, Aldi Süd makes it easy for you to get started and offers lots of delicious recipes for vegan nutrition. Many recipes that you know from everyday life are even already vegan or can be prepared with a few tricks in a vegan variant. You are a waffle fan? Just replace the butter with vegetable oil and the cow’s milk with oat milk. So you’ll have a healthy waffle recipe in no time without having to sacrifice anything or spend more money.

Vegan is neither complicated nor expensive

So why does the myth of high prices persist so much? Many vegan substitutes were more expensive just a few years ago because these products had few takers in the marketplace. For a long time, the vegan diet was rather unusual and therefore irrelevant for most German food retailers.

Due to changes in society and increased education about the consequences of an omnivorous diet, more and more people today are realizing that a vegan lifestyle is not only better for the environment, but also for their own bodies. Thanks to social media and word of mouth, many people have already discovered vegan products for themselves. The demand for vegan alternatives is therefore increasing and with it the supply.

Today, there is a much larger selection of vegan dishes, substitutes and recipes than there was five years ago and, of course, that means the price is going down. Grocery stores like Aldi Süd in particular are making it possible for more and more people to eat a vegan diet without having to dig deep into their pockets.

Vegan products with trend potential

Today, however, vegan products are no longer just something for full-blooded vegans. Meat substitutes like the Wonder Burger have now achieved trend status even among non-vegans. So it’s not surprising that the vegan snacks or cow’s milk alternatives such as the organic oat or almond drink from Aldi Süd’s range are popular with vegans and non-vegans alike.

It is this casual approach combined with diverse options that makes it easy for open-minded people today to eat a little more vegan every day. Cheap vegan products in the range of Aldi Süd allow everyone to at least test whether vegan nutrition does not taste better and is cheaper than thought.

Cook fresh or vegan ready meals? You decide!

Although vegan substitutes from discount stores truly don’t cost much, ingredients like fruits, vegetables or legumes are still cheaper in the long run. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to cook everything fresh or whether you sometimes still fancy ready-made meals. As with other diets, a weekly plan will help you plan your vegan menus and groceries in advance, waste less food, and shop vegan even cheaper.

Many vegan ready meals can be prepared just as easily and quickly as conventional meat-based ready meals, so you’ll hardly notice any difference here. What’s more, thanks to the wide range of different ready meals available today, you don’t have to do without anything. Almost all popular treats are also available in vegan. Whether you’re in the mood for nuggets or fish sticks, you can also find these classics as affordable vegan products at Aldi Süd.

Not as expensive as expected…

Finally it can be stated thus that vegan nutrition must be by no means expensive . Although there are meat or milk substitute products from some manufacturers that are still expensive compared to non-vegan products, on the other hand, discounters such as Aldi Süd are now committed to making inexpensive vegan products available to everyone. At the same time, Aldi Süd not only has vegan meat substitutes in its range, but also other vegan foods such as cookies or juices. Combined with staples like fruits, vegetables, and legumes, which are vegan per se and usually inexpensive, you can realize a wholesome and tasty vegan diet without spending a lot of money. 

Cheap vegan products have never been so easily available and this offer invites you to try them out. With more and more consumers curious about vegan diet alternatives, the supply is likely to become even greater in the future, making prices even more affordable. Let’s face it: nothing feels as good as being kind to people, animals, the environment and even your wallet – without sacrificing anything!

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