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Good news: The pig population in Germany is falling

Germany currently has fewer pigs than at any time since German reunification! And the number of farms keeping pigs is also declining sharply!

Nase eines Schweines schaut durch einen Holzzaun hindurch

Record low in pig farming

The pig population in Germany has reached a new low. Currently, around 20.7 million pigs are kept in Germany. That’s 1.62 million animals and 7.2 percent fewer than last year! Compared to 2021, the stock actually declined by 16.1 percent! And the number of farms keeping pigs is also falling continuously. Compared with the previous year alone, the number of companies fell by almost 11 percent. In the last ten years, the number of farms has decreased by over 43 percent! In fact, over the past ten years, the number of farms has dropped by more than 43 percent!

Declining demand as reason

The development is related to the decreasing demand for pork and the trend towards a meat-free diet! Especially in the last ten years, the demand for pork has steadily declined. The decreasing demand and increasing costs for pig farming, cause many farmers to abandon their farms. The current figures also reflect the general trend in Germany: more plant-based and less meat!

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