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Vegan university in Great Britain

Students at Kent University in England have voted: In the future, only purely plant-based meals are to be offered on university campuses. The switch is seen as an important step in the fight against the climate crisis.

Cafe von Innen mit Holztheke und zweier Tischen an der rechten Wand

Voter turnout higher than ever

More than 450 students voted to have the university’s own cafeterias switch completely to plant-based foods by 2027/28. This decision affects a total of 16 outlets on campus. According to the university’s student association, voter turnout has never been higher.

University Council considers application

Although the results of the election are very clear, the request must now be considered by the University Council. Only then will a final decision be made as to whether only plant-based meals will actually be offered on the premises from 2027. More and more universities in Europe and the USA want to offer more plant-based meals(we reported).

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