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The Spanish Parliament has banned the traditional “dwarf bullfighting”! In the future, Spanish arenas will no longer be allowed to hold bullfights with people of small stature.

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"Dwarf Bullfighting"

For several decades, bullfighting with people of small stature has served to entertain the public. In the traditional spectacle, bullfighters chase young bulls in clown costumes or similar disguises through the arena. For years, this form of entertainment has been criticized as discriminatory against people with disabilities. With the adoption of the new law, should ensure that Spain complies with EU directives on discrimination against people with disabilities.

Tradition meets cruelty to animals

Bullfighting, also known as “corrida” or “fiesta nacional”, is a long-standing tradition in Spain. The origins of bullfighting date back to the Roman Empire. Over the centuries, bullfighting developed into an independent tradition. In the 18th century, modern bullfighting was established in its current form, in which a matador fights a bull in an arena. The aim of the event is to kill the bull. According to the German Animal Welfare Association, about ten thousand bulls die every year because of the spectacle. In some regions of Spain, such as Catalonia, bullfights have already been banned. Nevertheless, there are still many people who defend bullfighting as an important part of their cultural heritage.

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The future of bullfighting

Bullfighting is firmly rooted in the culture of Spain. Nevertheless, the tradition is losing more and more popularity. Without subsidies, bullfighting as such would not survive. According to a 2018 Huffington Post poll, half of the Spanish population is in favor of banning bullfights. Nevertheless, there are still many supporters of the spectacle. And not everyone sees the new law as a positive development either. Above all, affected toreros criticize the ban because it threatens their livelihood. Nevertheless, the new law is an important step towards more awareness in the field of animal welfare and discrimination against people with disabilities.

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