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When it gets colder outside, we like it a little warmer. Our skin is exposed to dry heating air and we feel it.

More than a million views have been received by beauty influencer Tina Craig’s Instagram video on “Skin Icing” and since then the #SkinIcing trend has gone viral on Instagram and Tiktok worldwide .

The special feature: Skin Icing promises visible results in no time. It is supposed to wake you and your skin up and provide on top for a natural glow and firm skin .

We took a closer look at the cold treatment and tell you how to use it.

What is the benefit of skin icing?

Dermatologists from all over the world agree: The effect of cold shock has long been known in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The cold treatment stimulates blood circulation, sets metabolic processes in motion and this in turn leads to a radiant complexion.

The aesthetic dermatology, the skin-improving properties of cold have long been exploited. Cryo-facial treatments are currently enjoying great popularity as they are said to provide younger and plumper looking skin. With skin icing, puffiness can decrease, redness can be reduced and the skin also appears fresher.

The ice causes your blood vessels to constrict, minimizing redness. In turn, more blood flows through the veins, swelling subsides faster and even puffy eye circles reduce. The result: a rosy fresh complexion.

Advantages of KRIOR Skin Icing:

How do I apply skin icing?

If you want to use skin icing in the comfort of your own home, you first need only one important utensil: your freezer. Before skin icing, be sure to clean your face thoroughly to avoid spreading makeup residue on your skin. It is important that you massage your face with the ice in even circular movements. There should be no unpleasant sensation, such as a burning sensation, because then your skin is too cold. It is best to stop the massage for a short time or stroke your skin with less pressure.

In the case of KRIOR “Ice your Skin series” the ingredients are specially coordinated, to pamper the skin not only to cool, but also with the necessary care .

  • Open the silicone bellows
  • Put the rose quartz heart in the lower half
  • Fill the bottom half of your “Ice your skin ice ball” with one measuring line of Ice Essential.
  • Close the lower and upper half
  • Insert the funnel into the ball opening
  • Fill the ball (up to the mark); carefully place your ice ball upright in your freezer overnight (at least 6 hours) with the opening facing upwards
  • After about 6 hours open the top of the “Ice your skin ice ball“s
  • Massage the face, neck and décolleté with the “Ice your skin ice ball” for 30-40 seconds in circular motions, always working from the center of the face outwards.
  • Then work the residual moisture into the skin with your fingers.
  • Take 1-2 pump shots of Ready to Glow cream
  • Apply Ready to Glow Cream to the face, neck and décolleté and massage in circular motions.

Attention: Always keep the ice ball moving during the application and do not stay in one place for too long.

Are all Skin Icing products vegan and animal-free?

No – not all skin icing applications are animal-free and vegan. We have deliberately chosen to test a start-up from Karlsruhe , which makes sure that all ingredients are vegan and animal-free . They also place a high value on sustainability when it comes to packaging and in the future they would like to use even more sustainable packaging material. In addition Dermatest them in the test report 2022 even rated “Very good” . That convinced us.

What is special about the "Ice your Skin ice ball"?

The “Ice your skin” ice ball from KRIOR – derived from the gsmelly word krio = cold – brings sub-zero temperatures into your bathroom. The additional Ice Essential with highly concentrated active ingredients supports your Home Skin Icing in a very special way: It is simply frozen together with the water in your “Ice your skin” ice ball. So you have your spa experience in the comfort of your own home. You can use it on your face, but also on any other part of your body.

The active ingredients are high quality and vegan and the Ice Essentials are perfectly matched to the Skin Ice Treatment. Through the gentle massage and the warmth of the skin, the ice ball slowly melts and the active ingredients penetrate deep through the pores. The cold stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism, so that swelling, redness and small inflammations can be alleviated . The skin is tightened and gets a rosy, radiant complexion. The 24-hour care cream provides your skin with all the active ingredients, that it could not absorb during the cold treatment.

The story behind KRIOR

The story of KRIOR founder begins in a time that was characterized by home office, long days in front of the screen and few opportunities to beauty treatments away from home . In parallel, the trend of Skin Icing became louder and louder and in many blogs and Magazines were given tips to cool the stressed and puffy eyes and to conjure up a natural glow on the skin. They tried it themselves and were so excited to take skin icing to a new level.

Our test: What are the benefits of skin icing?

We have tested the products from KRIOR . To 3 different people. Both two This Is Vegan team members, as well as our model Naïs have tested the “Ice Your Skin” box over several weeks.

The conclusion: Ok, at first we honestly thought – Rose quartz in heart shape in a frozen water ball? No one needs it. We were taught better. We feel visibly, more awake and fresh in the morning, especially in the area around the eyes. You can see our vitality and the appropriate care products are perfectly matched in the formulas, that after the “cold shock” you have a pleasant, smooth skin feeling , which remains visible for a long time.

Props to the Karlsruhe start-up! We look forward to the next products and find it great that you also renounce animal testing and use only vegan formulas . With KRIOR chilled spoons, unwieldy ice cubes and other experiments without active ingredients are finally a thing of the past!

More about KRIOR

(Use the code thisisvegan15 to get 15% off all products here).

Alternatively, you can order the products here on Amazon .

Many thanks for the photos and reels to photographer and content creator Pascal Bähr, as well as model Naïs Wollenhaupt and the team of Hansgrohe (especially Dennis) for providing the photo-venue.

*Disclaimer: We do not wish to make any health-related recommendations. Every person is different. Before applying any products to your skin, it’s always best to talk to a dermatologist or your primary care physician first. On top we recommend this podcast With scientist Niko Rittenau. He talks at length about nutrient deficiencies in vegans and what to do about them.

This article was created in collaboration with KRIOR and we received a test package free of charge. In the article you will find so-called affiliate links, which are used to show you the products of KRIOR. Should you find this after clicking on one of the Links order, we receive a commission that helps us keep the magazine going. We were completely free in writing the article and have our honest opinion in here. Thank you for your trust.

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