Pflanzliche Milchalternative

Plant-based milk alternatives on course for success

Vegan milk alternatives become more and more popular The growing trend towards veganism is rapidly increasing the market for plant-based milk alternatives! It is not only meat substitutes that are popular (we reported on May 16). A recent report by…
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Is maltodextrin vegan? All about effect & origin

Maltodextrin – this carbohydrate, which is obtained from starch, is currently on everyone’s lips. Especially in sports, maltodextrin provides you with an extra portion of power when your energy slowly decreases. But is maltodextrin actually vegan? And what is the…
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Iceland stops whaling

No whaling in Iceland for the time being until the end of August Good news: Iceland has suspended the hunting of fin whales until the end of August 2023. The decision was made after a team of experts criticized that…
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