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You can help us for free!

Currently, we are continuously growing with This Is Vegan and would like to continue to do so in order to reach even more people. The big goal: to inspire millions of people worldwide about vegan nutrition and to encourage them to live even more sustainably without pointing fingers.

The secret recipe: Inspiring articles, heartwarming reports and recipes that convince every omnivorous person.

We need YOUR voice!

There are many ways to support us – one of the quickest and easiest is completely free:
Vote for us in the Crossvertise contest
so we can launch a vegan advertising campaign for This Is Vegan and reach even more people.

Werbeplakat an einem Backsteinhaus mit Werbung von this is Vegan. Auf dem Plakat ist ein Mann zu sehen und ein grüner Salat und die Aufschrift "da haben wir den Salat"

How much does such a site cost?

It’s not that cheap to run a sustainable online magazine. In addition to our time, the following costs come our way each month:

The facts:

…we could continue the list endlessly.

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How else can I support This Is Vegan?

On the page you will find affiliate links. If you buy your favorite products through them, we receive a commission, which you use to support us.

Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram ,

follow our Podcast listen, subscribe and
support directly here:

Jeder Cent hilft, unsere Vision voranzutreiben.


Ich möchte euch gerne direkt helfen!

Wenn du ins Team von This Is Vegan kommen magst und uns als Redakteur, Cutter, Content Creator, Grafik Designer, WordPress Pro/Entwickler, Rezept-Entwickler oder mit sonstigen Veggie-Skills (m/w/d) unterstützen magst, schreib uns gerne eine Mail an info(at)


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