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Turning a hobby into a profession? With an
online education to become a fitness trainer
you can do this completely relaxed and from home.

We are all paying increasing attention to our health and well-being. Sports and healthy eating are essential for a long, active life. So it’s no surprise that careers in nutrition and fitness are becoming increasingly popular.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can expand your knowledge with a state-certified online trainer license and even make a living from it in the long run .

Here there are from the Yoga teacher, over the vegan nourishing advisor up to the Fitness coach B license some offers, which can be interesting particularly also for vegan living humans.

The market is full of offers, academies, coaches and co that show you how to quickly become a fitness trainer, yoga instructor or nutritionist through an online license model. We have tested whether this really works for you and explain in this article how useful the whole thing is.

I have been involved with the topics of nutrition and fitness for a long time, as I was severely overweight in my younger years and have found my way to a more conscious, healthier life thanks to the knowledge around proper nutrition and training.

I have tested the system of online trainer license for you and tell you how serious it really is and whether it is worthwhile to make about one of the licenses and whether it is worthwhile to complete training as a fitness trainer with B license online.

What is the Online Trainer License?

renowned platform for the education of trainers
in Germany, the OTL is becoming increasingly popular. Here you will find a diverse range of training for fitness and health areas. Best of all, the courses can be completed conveniently online (final exams are sometimes taken on-site). Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in the fitness industry, you’ll find continuing education courses that fit you and your current level of knowledge. The OTL Academy is a TÜV-Süd-certified academy and offers sports enthusiasts flexible and state-certified online training in the areas of fitness, nutrition and health that can be integrated into any everyday life. The practice-oriented online academy relies on a modern and forward-looking learning system that enables training unbound by time and place. This should guarantee quick success with flexible time management and self-determination.

What does a fitness trainer with B license do?

fitness trainer with B license
has a deep understanding of the human body and how it works. This individual has the ability to develop safe and effective training programs based on the individual needs and goals of their clients. Through the B license, a fitness instructor is able to offer a wide range of exercises and activities that are both cardiovascular and strength oriented . He or she can also educate clients on healthy eating and give them tips on how to achieve their goals. If you are looking for an effective and safe way to improve your physical fitness and help others achieve their fitness goals, then a Fitness Instructor B License is for you. Once you have completed the fitness trainer B license training, you can work as a trainer in a gym, for your clients Create training plans, explain exercises and fitness equipment to them, as well as monitor the achievement of goals. Whetherfull-time or part-time – with your B-License you have the possibility to earn some extra money with your hobby.

As a holder of a Fitness Trainer B license, you may coach teams up to and including the 5th league (in the men’s sector) and women’s teams below the 2nd Bundesliga and youth teams below the A and B Junior Bundesliga. The license is the basis of the trainer licenses. The B license provides the basic knowledge so that at the end the basics of training theory and strength training are mastered and simple training plans can be created independently. No licenses or certificates are required in advance and you can start right away.

Where can I work as a fitness trainer with B license?

These are just a few more examples of where a B-licensed fitness instructor can work. There are many different facilities and places where a fitness trainer can use their skills and knowledge to help people improve their physical fitness.

A fitness trainer helps his client with her exercises.

What content is taught during a fitness trainer training?

The course content divided into different modules. Each module includes detailed instructional videos in addition to a detailed chapter in the script. Among other things, the contents are again supplemented here for better presentation by the lecturers and shown in an easily understandable way.

Each module concludes with a small quiz of five multiple-choice questions. This learning control serves you directly as a check of the taught knowledge.

In the fitness trainer B license training you have the opportunity to learn about the anatomical basics of the human body. Here you will learn basic knowledge such as the structure of the cells as well as specific information about the musculoskeletal system and the muscles. After you have internalized the anatomical basics, you will intensively deal with training theory, the creation of training plans and a healthy diet. At OTL, you have the option of downloading the learning material as a PDF and also ordering the teaching script or audiobook for your training. The instructional videos are available to you in an online campus to deepen your knowledge.

Training content:

Is online trainer license serious?

Online Trainer License
offers a technically correct, pedagogically sensibly structured and professional distance learning course, which has been tested and approved by ZFU. Online Trainer License is also certified by TÜV Süd according to DIN ISO 9001. They are approved by the State Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) under the official number 7300316 and operate on the basis of the Distance Learning Protection Act (FernUSG).

Your certificate is valid and recognized worldwide and can also be issued in English. And: the most important thing – it’s valid for life and you don ‘t have to worry about any further annual fees or subscriptions.

What do the others say?

The site
reviews providers from the field of online continuing education and, with over 2,300 reviews, comes up with a positive overall rating score of 99% recommendation.

More than 22,000 people have successfully completed their training via the portal to date and are consistently satisfied.

What are the advantages of the online trainer license?

Free additional modules!

They also provide you with a special highlight: a module that focuses on fitness expert Mario Müller’s favorite exercises for building muscle, including a detailed description of their biomechanical properties. As an additional offer, we have also provided a module around the topic of home and outdoor workout for you. Best of all, this content is not relevant to the exam, but is quite interesting for anyone interested in fitness.

What is the process of the fitness trainer B license?

Completing an online fitness instructor B license is relatively easy!

Order your advanced training to become a fitness trainer B-License
at OTL. A short time later you will receive your access data by e-mail. Choose your flexible training start date – you decide when you want to enroll. As soon as you have enrolled, the learning phase begins: you go through various modules, learning tests and use numerous teaching aids. You set your own learning pace and decide when and where you want to learn.

"Congratulations! You've just successfully completed a state-certified apprenticeship and furthered your personal education."

Once you have completed all modules and passed the online midterm exam, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate that confirms your knowledge and is valid worldwide and for life. After that, it’s “Congratulations! You have just successfully completed a state-certified apprenticeship and have furthered your personal education. You are now well prepared to take off professionally as a fitness instructor!

What is the process of the fitness trainer B license?

Completing an online fitness instructor B license is relatively easy!

Order your advanced training to become a fitness trainer B-License
at OTL. A short time later you will receive your access data by e-mail. Choose your flexible training start date – you decide when you want to enroll. As soon as you have enrolled, the learning phase begins: you go through various modules, learning tests and use numerous teaching aids. You set your own learning pace and decide when and where you want to learn.

Our honest Rating:

I am now 3 months with Online Trainer License and have tested the system extensively. The result is consistently positive.

I thought it was especially cool that you have different learning opportunities. Depending on time and learning type. For example, there is the option to purchase an audiobook that makes it easy to learn while driving, cooking, or at the gym on the treadmill. There are also posters on anatomy and flashcards.

For those who learn better through pictures and videos, there are video tutorials that are relatively simple and easy to understand. At the end of the course there is always a short test to make sure that you have understood what you have learned.

A special plus: motivation – in the Facebook group, participants push each other and proudly show off their certificates of completion.

"With OTL, you can understand easy learning content and apply what you learn in a timely manner. In a short time, you'll be a state-certified fitness instructor with a B license."

Some acquaintances have also acquired their license through this and are now working independently with their knowledge and have even added further training. They have actually turned their hobby into a profession.

I had the workbook with me on vacation and was able to refresh my knowledge about vegan nutrition and muscle building while relaxing on the beach.

To be fair, I haven’t managed to get the certificate and work through all the content yet, but will tackle that this year and add on the nutritionist + vegan nutritionist because I’m so motivated to learn it all and it’s intuitive.

How it went? I will tell you here + in a new article about the “vegan nutritionist” update to this. To date, absolutely recommended.

More about Online Trainer License:

Disclaimer: This article was written in cooperation with OTL. If you also plan to do one of the trainings, feel free to click on one of the links here and support us by purchasing through them. Thank you.

Photos: Pexels / Mikhail Nilov, Julia Larson, Annushka Ahuja

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