Veganes Sommerfest in Berlin
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Vegan summer festival in Berlin

The capital becomes a vegan hotspot: The 17. Vegan Summer Festival Berlin finally takes place again after a break of several years. The summer festival is a must for all veggies and those who want to become one. It is one of the largest festivals for vegan living and sustainability in Europe.

Here you will find everything that makes the vegan heart beat faster – from inspiring lectures to interactive workshops, music performances and cooking shows for the whole family. In addition, there is a large selection of vegan food (and drink), as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Look forward to discovering new vegan products and the latest trends in vegan fashion and cosmetics get to know. We tell you when the vegan summer festival will take place, who will perform there, spoilers, what stands and what you can look forward to in 2023!

The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the vegan lifestyle and to gain new experiences. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss the festival:

June 16-18 in Berlin - the vegan summer festival

The vegan summer festival takes place this year from 16 to 18 June 2023 on Alexanderplatz in the middle of Berlin .

Site plan - vegan summer festival 2023:

Vegan Summer Festival: Program Highlights 2023

The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin promises an impressive program again in 2023. Here are some of the program items you can look forward to:

A paradise for vegan foodies

One of the highlights of the Vegan Summer Festival Berlin is without a doubt the diverse culinary offerings. From savory burgers to sweet desserts, there’s something here for everyone. Look forward to delicious novelties and proven classics of the vegan cuisine. 100% delicious, 100% instagrammable, 100% vegan! What exactly is available, you will find shortly here.

Live shows, workshops and presentations

The vegan summer festival Berlin is also a place of learning and discovery. Numerous workshops invite you to learn new skills and expand existing ones. From cooking classes revealing the secrets of vegan cuisine to yoga sessions and informative lectures on topics such as sustainability and animal welfare, the Summerfest program has something for everyone.

Who can be seen on stage?

This year you can look forward to among others: Patrik Baboumian, Alex Flohr, Jan Hegenberg, Timo Franke and Hilal Sezgin. Another highlight will be the presentation of the Animal Welfare Award by the Berlin State Animal Welfare Commissioner, Kathrin Herrmann.

On the show stage, veggie scene chefs such as Alexander Flohr and Timo Franke will demonstrate live how plant-based ingredients can also be transformed into delicious vegan creations at home. In addition there are lectures and Talks with Promis from the Veggie scene, among other things with strength sportsman Patrik Baboumian and best-selling author Jan Hegenberg, also admits under its Blogger name “the grass sucker“. For the first time in the context of the vegan summer celebration lends on 17 June at 16 o’clock Berlins animal protection representative Dr. Kathrin Herrmann the with altogether 19,000 euro endowed citizens of Berlin animal protection pricee. They honor humans or organizations, who made themselves particularly merited around the animal protection in the country.

Kids and family: fun for the little ones (and big ones)

The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin is a festival for the whole family. A colorful children’s program with games, handicrafts and workshops suitable for children ensures that even the youngest have fun.

The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin is also a celebration for everyone – regardless of age, gender, origin or lifestyle. Here, the focus is on community and everyone is welcome.

In addition to food trucks and food stalls, a large raffle, vegan cosmetics and children’s books, bags made of cactus leather, massages, henna art, and even vegan dog food will entice visitors. Well-known associations such as Doctors Against Animal Testing, Running Against Suffering and Erdlingshof provide information about their work.In addition to food trucks and food stalls, a large raffle, vegan cosmetics and children’s books, bags made of cactus leather, massages, henna art and even vegan dog food entice visitors. Well-known associations such as Doctors Against Animal Testing, Running Against Suffering and Erdlingshof provide information about their work.

15,000 lots for a good cause

At the Vegan Summer Festival, another exciting highlight awaits visitors: the raffle of 7,500 prizes.

There are 15,000 tickets in total, where every 2nd ticket is a win. The raffles will take place on both Saturday and Sunday. In recent years, winners have been able to enjoy kitchen appliances, sweet treats and animal-free cosmetics, for example.

The proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets directly into the budget for the organization of the next summer festival. Don’t miss the chance to participate in the raffles and win great prizes. We keep our fingers crossed for you!

The stands at the vegan summer festival

The Vegan Summer Festival offers a wealth of interesting and varied booths. From animal rights organizations, activists, vegan food stalls, to vegan cosmetics, sustainable fashion and accessories, it’s all here.

1. culinary delights

The Vegan Summer Festival is all about delicious vegan food. Here you will find a wide selection of culinary delights that will tantalize your palate. From hearty burgers and exotic curries to refreshing smoothies, there’s something for everyone. Our booths offer a wide range of plant-based dishes that are not only vegan, but also healthy and delicious.

Attention, spoiler: This year’s lineup includes: Brammibal’s with delicious, vegan donuts filled with peach cream or peanut butter. Homemade ice cream with cinnamon sprinkles and caramel sauce from Tribeca. Special vegan tree striezel covered with brittle and filled with cream, fruits and marshmellows.

For those who like it colorful there are colorful Rainbow-Bowls or “Surritos” (a cross between sushi and burrito) from Mojewa. Juicy burgers are available from Redefine Meat. The hyped meat alternatives of the Israeli food start-up are only available in a few restaurants in Germany so far.

2. sustainable fashion and accessories

In addition to food, the Vegan Summer Festival also features a variety of booths offering sustainable fashion and accessories. Here you will find ethically made clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry that are free of animal products and environmentally friendly. Our booths are perfect for you if you value sustainability and animal welfare while looking stylish.

3. cosmetics and personal care products

Another interesting area at the Vegan Summer Festival are the booths presenting vegan cosmetics and body care products. Here you can discover natural skincare products, animal-free makeup, and eco-friendly hair care products. There is a wide selection of vegan options. At our stands you will find high quality products made without animal ingredients.

4. animal welfare organizations and activism

The Vegan Summer Festival also provides space for animal welfare organizations and activists to showcase their work and provide information about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. At our booths, you can learn more about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, learn about animal welfare projects, and share how you can take action to make positive change.

The Vegan Summer Festival impresses with a great variety of booths that have something to offer you as a visitor. From delicious food and sustainable fashion to cosmetics and animal welfare organizations, you’ll find everything your vegan heart desires here. Don’t miss the chance to attend this exciting festival and learn about the diversity of the vegan world.

In addition, you have the opportunity to meet many like-minded people who, just like you, want to change the world. Feel free to pack your friends and family too – even if they don’t live vegan. The Vegan Summer Festival has already inspired some to give it a try.

Be the change!

"Now in its 17th year, the Vegan Summer Festival Berlin shows how colorful and diverse a plant-based lifestyle is. It is not only a popular meeting place for vegetarian and vegan living, but inspires all people on the spot for this animal and environmentally friendly, climate-friendly lifestyle on the weekend."

Matthias Rohra
Managing Director of the nutrition organization ProVeg

The most important info about the vegan summer festival:

Who is organizing the vegan summer festival?

The vegan summer celebration is organized by ProVeg, Berlin Vegan and the Albert Schweitzer donation for our Mitwelt.

When will the vegan summer festival 2023 take place?

From 16 to 18 June 2023 the Vegan Summer Festival Berlin will take place at Alexanderplatz .

What is the best way to travel to the vegan summer festival?

Our clear recommendation – with the Deutsche Bahn, for example with the Super Sparpreis from 17.90 euros. To Berlin Central Station and then on to the Alexanderplatz stop. Alternatively, you can also arrive by car – you will find information on parking in the next section.

Where exactly will the vegan summer festival 2023 take place?

The vegan summer festival takes place on Alexanderplatz in the middle of Berlin. Parking facilities are also listed here , so you can easily park after arriving by car. Otherwise, you can easily get to the Alexanderplatz stop by public transportation.

Address: Alexanderplatz 1. 10178 Berlin

More about the vegan summer festival Berlin:

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