Fit in das neue Jahr! 2021 fit vegan durchstarten!
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2020 is almost over and many people are currently sitting in their home offices all day. Exercise often comes up short here. The gyms are closed, the inner pig dog does not want to go out in the cold and the diet also remains left.

Many of us use the new year for a fresh start. Whether it’s eating healthier, exercising more, or simply getting rid of some bad habits, these New Year’s resolutions are ones that I’m sure everyone has made at one time or another. But after about two to three weeks, the old habits take hold again.

"Good intentions are useless attempts to interfere with scientific laws. Their origin is pure vanity. Your result is zero."

Goals that we set for ourselves with a champagne glass in hand then seem not quite attainable the next morning. The inner pig has us firmly in its grip. To help you achieve your goals in the new year, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for everyone who wants to get off to a flying start in 2021:

1. look for experts & role models

Every body is different. Get a thorough checkup with your doctor to determine which exercise method is best. Exchange ideas with coaches and other athletes to find the best methods for you. That motivates and inspires.

The important thing is: you don’t have to look like 90% of the people on social media or your role models. Use this only for motivation – otherwise it will quickly lead to frustration. Set the goals that are good for you personally and contribute to your well-being, not because you want to look like them.

2. you can also reach the goal in small steps!

“Jogging sounds like too much of a challenge for you? Just start with walking or Nordic walking. This will get your circulation going and you’ll also work up a sweat.
Keep it that way with all training methods. Every step, no matter how small, gets you a little closer to your goal.

3. find a training partner!

It’s twice as much fun with a motivated friend. Schedule regular jogs, small workouts at home, or a virtual workout in front of your laptop. This is doubly motivating.

4. set realistic goals!

Every athlete has his own goal. Think about what you want to accomplish. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight or simply keep your body fit and healthy. When you have a clear goal in mind, you stay more motivated and don’t get rattled by difficulties and obstacles.

Set easy and small goals, especially in the beginning. Because expectations that are too high take away the fun and motivation of the sport. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Starting with sports is not the difficulty, but staying with it.

You can then climb Mount Everest in two years (like Kuntal Joisher).

Kuntal Joisher - Extrembergsteiger steht auf dem Gipfel des Mount Everest - er ernährt sich vegan
Kuntal Joisher - Vegan on Mount Everest

6. eat healthy!

Yes, that’s easy to say. Especially over the Christmas holidays, sugary and fatty foods are on the agenda. But honestly? Don’t you often feel weak and tired after an extensive Christmas meal? You can avoid the food coma by eating smaller meals, of course – but it’s still an indicator that nutrition has a strong impact on our well-being.

Mental and physical fitness are strongly connected – as various studies show.

Dr. Petra Bracht said: “The best thing you can do to your immune system is organic plant food. Fruits, herbs, vegetables, nuts, legumes, sprouts… Definitely not dairy. Especially for asthmatics. Animal foods feed bad gut bacteria that weaken the immune system. Just 24 hours after you stop eating animal products, the defenses activate and regenerate, strengthening your immune system.” Read more here.

You have little time to prepare healthy food? Then use supplements, such as from Foodspring.

Our tip for the Christmas holidays: Drink a glass of water before you start eating – it stretches your stomach and fools your brain into thinking you’re fuller than you really are.

6. combine sport with fun!

There are so many different sports. Of course, it’s not easy to find the one that suits you personally. Try a wide variety of sports and find out which one you enjoy the most. A gym is handy (even if they are currently closed far from rehab services). It has cardio equipment, and possibilities to train with weights. If you want to improve your heart rate or losing weight and building muscle are among your goals, you can start exercising at the gym. But first, have a trainer explain the different equipment and show you how to do the exercises correctly. Otherwise, you can also break a lot here.

Team sports also motivate people to stick it out longer. Join a club or start your own workout with your friends. Badminton, soccer, volleyball, boxing, swimming… there are so many possibilities. Try them out and take advantage of a free trial to see what you like best.

Currently, team sports aren’t possible, of course – but try an online workout from Pamela Reiff, for example. Check out their YouTube channel for lots of free workouts to get you sweating.

7. train regularly & use supplements!

Man is a creature of habit and it is necessary to stop this behavior. For this we have to “reprogram” our brain. In practice, it has been found that after 21 days, the inner resistance strongly decreases and the new habit is established. In addition, the level of effort decreases accordingly. This means that significantly less energy is required for the situation or activity. Often it helps to divide the habit into as many small units as possible. If you want to do more exercise in 2021, it is better to do a short workout several times a day instead of half an hour or an hour. Why? The brain learns through repetition and the more often we do something, the faster we get used to it. Writing down and exercise plans, as well as noting successes, can also manifest these beliefs.

You sometimes feel too tired and listless for your workout? Then a booster can help. We recommend the Beastmode Booster to strengthen your body before a hard workout and take away the listlessness. It comes without fat, sugar, salt, artificial colors and genetic engineering. The Pre-Workout Shake was produced in Germany under the strictest quality standards (ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP) by nutritionists. Clear recommendation.

Creatine can also help build muscle – you can get it in top quality at Nutri Plus.

Vegan Sport Set from Foodspring

8. don't let anyone talk you into anything!

“Vegans can’t build muscles at all!” – If you hear sayings like this – ignore them skillfully or point your counterpart to documentaries like “Gameschangers” and the strongest man in Germany, Patrik Baboumian. He is vegan and has absolutely no protein deficiency. You can find out more here in the interview with him .

"Strength for me is also the ability to protect oneself and the ability to protect others. Only those who are strong themselves can be there for others."

Patrik Baboumian bricht Weltrekord vegan
Interview with Patrik Baboumian

9. reward yourself!

This week the workouts were especially hard? You’ve been eating consistently plant-based, healthy meals? Then reward yourself once in a while and don’t forbid yourself too much. Many people do well with the pareto principle. That is, 80% of the diet is “clean” and the remaining 20% you treat yourself to whatever you feel like. This way you avoid cravings and stay motivated and happy.

You want to “cheat” clean – then make your “cheat day” with a delicious protein cake made with vegan protein. We can recommend, for example, the one from Foodspring. This is particularly tasty and has a good composition of amino acids.


10. just get started. Now!

Yes, it is an overcoming – but little by little you notice that you feel fitter, you are more active, your body changes and this also has an effect on your mental state and thus your entire everyday life. It’s worth it. Get it done. Now.

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