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We are so excited to bring you our interview with one of the most iconic musicians now – Bryan Adams.

Bryan Adams is multitalented – the Canadian is a rock singer, guitarist, composer and photographer at the same time. Since 1983, he has achieved number one hits in the charts of more than 30 countries and sold more than 100 million records in the approximately 40 years of his career.

The singer became known worldwide with hits such as (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, Run to You and Summer of ’69.

But he has also made a name for himself as a photographer by getting artists such as Cher, Rita Ora, Iggy Pop in front of the camera for the Pirelli calendar. He also photographed Sadie Frost for a PETA ad and actively advocates for animal rights. He has not eaten meat since he was 28 years old, in 1987, and now lives vegan.

In an interview with This is Vegan, Brain Adams talks about his Covid-19 illness, why he lives vegan, his relationship with animals, why he supports a start-up for milk alternatives and also tells us his absolute favorite recipe.

"If you love animals, don't eat them!"

Hi Bryan, thank you very much for this interview! I hope you have made it through the Covid-19 illness well and are healthy again.

Bryan Adams: Hi Yannick. Thanks for the interview – I was asymptomatic and only found out through a travel PCR test that I had it. The same goes for my daughter, luckily we had no symptoms.

Bryan Adams 2021 vegan vor seinem Auto mit Gitarre in einer Hand

You live vegan. How did this decision come about?

Bryan Adams: I decided at the age of 28 to stop eating animal products, it just seemed logical to me. We are mainly made up of water, so we eat plant water, especially fruit.

Have you ever regretted the step of living vegan?

Bryan Adams: I just regret wishing I had been raised vegan. Absolutely nothing else.

How has the change in diet affected you?

Bryan Adams: It would be interesting to compare my life with or without this way of life, but when I compare myself to other people of the same age, there is generally a difference in body size. I have less inflammation since I’ve been vegan. I also avoid alcohol.

"Many people have a certain mindset that still thinks eating animals is smart and a balanced way of life for children. Nothing could be more wrong, but most people won't break the chain of their habits because that's how their parents raised them."

What is your relationship with animals?

Bryan Adams: I have a lovely little dog that makes me laugh; if you love animals, you shouldn’t eat them.

Was there a moment that particularly shaped you in terms of vegan nutrition?

Bryan Adams: I was ready for a change and worked with a vegetarian producer named Mutt Lange, with whom I made the most incredible fruit salads. He drew my attention to a book that I can only recommend: “Fit for Life,” which is based on the Hay diet with its food combinations. There is a lot of logic in this book, even for meat eaters.

To what extent do you integrate the topic of veganism into your everyday life?

Bryan Adams: Honestly, it’s not a big deal anymore. Many people have changed or partially changed their attitude to food. It is the attitude that must continue to change. In the school my children go to, for example, my children are the only ones of 500 students who eat strictly vegetarian. So in this age group of adults, mostly 30 to 40 year olds, there is a certain way of thinking that still thinks eating animals is smart and a balanced lifestyle for children. Nothing could be more wrong, but most people won’t break the chain or their habits because that’s how their parents raised them.

How do you observe the acceptance of vegan nutrition in our society?

Bryan Adams: The internet and social media do a good job of raising people’s awareness of the alternatives, but you will never stop people from killing and eating animals or fish. This will not stop. Even after mad cow disease, the bird flu pandemic, swine flu, and possibly this recent [Covid-19] pandemic, people can’t wait to eat meat as usual again.

Some fast food restaurants now offer vegan options, so there’s a small movement of change, but it’s vanishingly small.

What experiences have you had with people around you who are not (yet) vegan?

Bryan Adams: Good. My tour catering is completely vegetarian and no one complains. If they want a steak, they go out and buy their own.

You support the start-up bettermoo(d), which produces vegan milk alternatives. How did you get involved?

Bryan Adams: I was asked if I wanted to join because they liked my stance on veganism and were looking for someone to represent their milk alternative in public. The product has just been launched, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will make a wave and sell a lot.

What is your absolute favorite vegan recipe?

Bryan Adams: It’s very simple – avocado, lemon and sea salt. This is my absolute favorite.

Try our vegan recipes here!

"My tour catering is completely vegetarian and no one complains."

What is your absolute insider tip for vegan recipes?

Bryan Adams: Lemons, limes and sea salt. This will revolutionize your meals and salads. I do practically everything with fresh lime.

What wishes do you have for society and the next generation?

Bryan Adams: That’s a big question, but nothing I say will change the world or people’s eating habits. One can only hope that one educates one’s children to respect the living beings on the planet who have as much a right to be here and to live in safety as we do. In addition, they should put on the kettle and regularly drink a nice cup of tea.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Bryan Adams: If you love animals, don’t eat them!

Here you can get more information about Bryan Adams:

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