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FC Bayern star Serge Gnabry (26) is now part of the Beyond Meatfamily and wants to inspire as many people as possible to eat meat from plants more often instead of meat from animals.

Beyond Meat Inc, one of the leading manufacturers of vegan meat alternatives, now announced that Serge Gnabry is joining Beyond Meat® as brand ambassador for Germany with immediate effect. As a flexitarian, Serge Gnabry appreciates the properties of plant-based proteins and wants to bring them closer to others.

That's what the Beyond Meat burger patties and co!

Beyond Meat is used, among other things, as a patty in McPlant burgers from McDonald’s. The basis of a Beyond Meat burger patty is pea protein, plus rice protein, potato starch, spices, carrot powder, various oils, a stabilizer and the emulsifier sunflower lecithin. Ready is the perfect vegan burger with high protein content and meat-like taste, which is also cholesterol-free .

In addition to the popular Beyond Meat Burger Patties, there are also Beyond Meatballs, Beyond Mice and Beyond Sausages. If you want to try the delicious vegan sausage, minced meat or meatballs, you can find them at Kaufland, for example.

When it comes to sustainability, the burgers are also way ahead of the game: a Life cycle analysis by the University of Michigan found that the production of the original Beyond Burger uses 99% less water, 93% less land and nearly 50% less energy , as well as 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the production of a Quarter Pounder beef burger (equivalent to 113 g).

"I need to be able to rely on my physical fitness, so I take my nutrition very seriously!"

Serge Gnabry, as part of the German national team as well as the squad of FC Bayern Munich, is one of the most successful and well-known German footballers. In a new video recently released by the global Go Beyond® initiative, Serge talks about how he strives to always go above and beyond and why he’s a big fan of Beyond Meat.

“I have to be able to rely on my physical performance, so I take my diet very seriously,” says Serge Gnabry. “Since deciding to eat less animal protein about 3 years ago, I’ve really enjoyed eating Beyond Meat. The taste of the Beyond Burger and Beyond Bratwurst is just killer!”

This is why Serge Gnabry fits Beyond Meat

“Serge fully embodies our Go Beyond mission as an athlete and shows that top athletes also rely on plant-based proteins,” says Bram Meijer, EMEA Marketing Director, Beyond Meat. “At Beyond Meat, we’re proud to work with athletes like Serge and inspire so many people to eat more plant-based proteins instead of animal-based ones.”

Vegan celebrities and professional athletes stand for Beyond Meat

As one of Beyond Meat’s first European brand ambassadors, Serge Gnabry joins a group of globally recognized professional athletes including Romelu Lukaku, Lewis Hamilton, Nick Kyrgios, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Lindsey Vonn as well as some other celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart, to also support the plant-based protein diet initiative.

A good step for a sustainable, vegan future! We hope to see more support from the celebrity scene for Beyond Meat!

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