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Imagine being in a hotel in the middle of nature and being able to order any dish from the menu and eat anything from the buffet without having to ask if it’s vegan. You’re not dreaming – you’re in Germany’s biggest vegan hotel: vegan dreams come true at the ahead Hotel. We were on site and took a closer look at the hotel and the menu for you.

The largest purely vegan hotel in Germany

The Burghotel is located in the small town of Lenzen on the Elbe River. It is the largest purely vegan hotel in Germany and opened in July 2021. Even beyond the pure vegan cuisine, the hotel has a lot to offer, which makes the hearts of all beat who like to travel sustainably. The region invites you to slow down – all around pure nature: from the castle garden, which lies directly on the river Löcknitz, to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve River Landscape Elbe. In the midst of this landscape are scattered small villages with old clinker and half-timbered houses.

The tranquility that this place brings invites you to meditate mindfully or practice yoga. Therefore, the hotel offers a daily meditation or yoga session in the small tea house in the castle garden. Wellness is provided by the saunas in the historic castle school, which also houses hotel rooms.

Place to V - The hotel restaurant with exclusively vegan menu

The breakfast buffet is located in the winter garden of the castle. There is plenty of choice there. For the sweet tooth there is fruit, various mueslis, homemade jams, almond jam and of course chocolate spread. You can enjoy these sweet spreads either on a roll or bread, or you can prepare your own delicious waffle at the “waffle iron station.” But the savory selection is also large: stir-fried tofu with vegan ham skillet, many different spreads, vegan sausage and vegan cheese – from vegan slice cheese to Camembert. In addition, of course, you will find vegetables but also antipasti and carrot lax.

For lunch and dinner there are delicious and interesting dishes a la carte at “place to V“.

From curry sausage, burgers and vish & chips to colorful salads, mushroom and pasta dishes, Jerusalem artichoke puree, vegetable spaghetti or saffron risotto – there is something for every taste. The icing on the cake is the sweet ending with, for example, coconut rice pudding, apple thyme crumble, matcha tiramisu or cheesecake.

You love vegan cake? You can also get it at coffee time at the castle. In short, you get delicious vegan food almost around the clock.

Pure nature in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

In the midst of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Elbe River Landscape, the BUND has a location at Lenzen Castle and thus represents a partner of the hotel through the cooperation. With a visitor center, exhibitions in the castle tower as well as the adjacent half-timbered barn, the castle park as a discovery trail for children and the NaturPoesieGarten (NaturePoetryGarden), BUND offers visitors plenty of information about the region and is committed to the protection and preservation of the floodplain landscape.

Yoga, Meditation & Wellness

Besides yoga, meditation and wellness, the region invites you to go cycling. On the dam along the Elbe you can fully enjoy nature. In one direction of the Elbe Cycle Path you come to Dömitz, a small town on the banks of the Elbe in Mecklenburg. Here you can, for example, visit the fortress (but not on Monday/rest day).

But you can also visit the city of Lenzen on your own, because the city speaks for itself in a certain way. Partly historic, partly abandoned but also partly brought back to life. It’s a small, quiet town with hardly anything going on, but the city tour still won’t be boring. Lenzen is located in the quadrangle of Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and was formerly a restricted area.

Despite the partly abandoned houses, the well-kept town and its inhabitants make a lot of effort. Information boards hang on the historic and partly listed buildings and tell about their history.

In addition, in Lenzen is the Rudower Lake, which you can go around by bike or in which you can also go swimming.


What was still a bit lacking during our visit is the personal approach, the team seems quite reserved, although there is no reason to hide behind such a great coordinated concept. Because the concept is thought out in detail and implemented with a red thread – from corporate design to organic textiles and eco wooden furniture in the rooms to pictures by vegan artist Hartmut Kiewert, which adorn the walls in the castle – to name just a part here.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing how the ahead hotel develops and becomes a model for other hotels. We wish continued success and are pleased that there are more and more vegan hotels.

All information about the hotel can be found at www.aheadhotel.de

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