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True beauty, as we all know, comes from within – so it’s no surprise that a plant-based diet can help us improve not only our health, but also the appearance of our skin.

By avoiding highly processed foods, such as ultra-heated milk and sausages (and the resulting hyperacidity), we get firmer connective tissue, nicer hair and less inflammation in the facial area (e.g. pimples).

Vegetable food acts like a beauty cure from the inside.

What about care from the "outside"?

While we eat healthy and pay attention to organic quality, we often do not think about our largest organ: our skin. We should be just as mindful with this one.
Our epidermis (outer cell layer of the skin) acts like a sponge and absorbs everything that comes into contact with it directly into our bloodstream.
According to recent studies, more toxins are absorbed into the body through cosmetics than through food, since the filtering process of the digestive organs is omitted.
Not only should you pay attention to the ingredients in body and face care, but also in makeup!

Bright colors, luminous pigments, waterproof and long-lasting, these properties are part of the desired standards nowadays. To make them all possible our beauty aids are stretched and preserved with parabens, mineral oils, aluminum and nanoparticles.

The list of pollutants is long, and that of the damage done is even longer. The “beautifying effect” is unfortunately short-lived, in the long term are often allergies and intolerances.

Should we give up makeup?

Of course not! Luckily, there are plenty of natural alternatives!

Vegan cosmetics are on the rise:
In the meantime, just as much has happened in natural cosmetics as in healthy nutrition.

The once dusty wholefoods are served as a trendy Buddha Bowl and natural cosmetics come to the market in a new, stylish and glamorous look, straight from the hip labels from the big city.

Even complexion and radiantly made-up eyes: The natural beauty aids consist of flower extracts, natural pigments as well as essential oils. True natural treasures, not only emphasize our beauty – the vitamins, plant extracts and minerals are even said to have a healing effect.

So natural makeup not only decorates us, it even cares for our skin! And in the long term.

"A smile is the most beautiful makeup you can wear!"


A smile is the most beautiful makeup you can wear….
In order to upgrade this sustainably and in the long term, we should use natural cosmetics.

Because this can do everything that conventional cosmetics can and much more: care, full coverage, high color intensity, long hold, pure, natural and of course everything without animal testing and animal ingredients.

True beauty comes from the inside – with vegan natural cosmetics definitely also from the outside.

I hope I could give you one or the other tip or even a thought-provoking impulse, where pimples, rashes, and Co. can come from. Be the change.

Editor Miriam testes vegan makeup

My recommendation for a beautiful even complexion:

The LIETH Foundation, the Tunkal Concealer and the Translucent Compact Powder from “And Gretel

The nourishing foundation melts directly into the skin and gives the complexion a super natural glow. The concealer, makes eye shadows as well as small redness disappear.
The powder acts as a soft focus for the skin, and is the ideal “finishing” for any makeup.

…for the perfect eye look

IMBE – Eye Shadow from “And Gretel
Luxurious and highly pigmented, the song shadow makes the eyes shine, whether in subtle “nude shades” or as “smokey eyes”.

Butterfly Effect Mascara from “lavera”. The mascara adds the finishing touch to the eye make-up.

The perfect kissing mouth:

Vegan Lipstick from kess
It has high coverage and provides a lot of moisture.

” Natural look”
For a soft “blurred edge effect” , simply dab on the lip color with your fingers

“Glam Look”
For a full pout with precise contours, apply color with lipstick.

Miriam Mack is a corporate health manager & nutrition consultant. Her guiding principles at work, as well as in her private life, are the 5 pillars of natural healing.

As head of corporate health management at Germany’s largest theme park (Europa Park), she looks after the health concerns of over 4,000 employees.

She has experienced many positive effects herself when changing her diet and care products. The ambassador of the German Children’s Fund is passionate about passing on the topics of sustainability and nutrition to her and all other children.

Through her many years of experience as a model, she knows the beauty and makeup world very well and will report on it.

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