Vegan wine – Why not all wine is vegan

Summary: Is wine vegan? Wine in many cases is actually not vegan. This is due to the fact that animal means are used during the manufacturing process. To clarify a wine, winemakers use, for example,…
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British university goes vegan

Vegan university in Great Britain Students at Kent University in England have voted: In the future, only purely plant-based meals are to be offered on university campuses. The switch is seen as an important step…
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Meat substitutes on trend: production rises by 6.5

#vegangoodnews Whether soy burgers, tofu sausages or seitan schnitzel: The trend towards plant-based nutrition and meat substitutes continues to rise! A Study by the Federal Statistical Office According to , the production of meat alternatives…
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CO2 compensated

Sustainable smartphone cases made from food scraps

As part of #Plasticfreejuly , we’re introducing you to the most exciting startups that are making a positive impact on reducing plastic. Today: Sustainable cell phone cases from kepu Clock, telephone, carrier pigeon, diary, newspaper,…
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Fish alternative

Meat alternatives: The big price question

Plant-based meat alternatives are delicious, but often more expensive than the original animal. But the more people switch to veggie burgers & Co., the cheaper it gets – and the sooner we can get out…
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